Camera Group Default

Would be great to have a camera group default option that leaves open on the app main screen the group of cameras you check frequently. Now you have to select a group each time you open the app and we check one group manually fairly frequently.

As long as you don’t force-quit the app or restart your phone, it should pick up with the group that you had open when you left the app. Is that not happening for you?


It’s is. But I force quit all the time so I don’t have apps in the background sucking up battery. Is that not necessary to preserve battery though? I know video apps can suck up a lot of juice. Thanks.

I have had no problem with the Wyze app sucking battery when it’s in the background. The stream is off when the app is in the background.

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I have not had any battery draining issues with the Wyze app at all. Also, I can’t recall anyone else mentioning this in other post either. Forcing the Wyze app to close is not necessary that I can see.

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Right now when you put camera’s in a group and you click the group you get a instant live view of all cameras. To save a click and time I think there should be a option that it loads in to selected group we can choose right when we open the app so it goes straight in to live view. #android-and-ios

Default Device Group Option

If there is only one device group, it would be nice if the camera views would automatically open up instead of having to click on the device group name every time. In addition, if you do have multiple device groups, it would be nice to have the option to set one group as a default to automatically open up with the option to close and open other groups. Right now there is no way to view all camera views at once without clicking on the device group name. Thank you