Camera goess a blur

Why does my camera do this? It opens up clear and 10 seconds later it’s like the screen breaks down and rains in squares and blurs up the vision! All of my cameras do this. It’s all upgraded and rested. image|231x500

Well from the screenshot it appears you may have a WiFi speed issue. At 20KB/s you can’t support the HD mode you’re set at; this will barely do the 360p mode. For me HD runs about 100 KB/s or higher and SD at about 50-70.

I wonder if maybe your router has some kind of throttling or “quality of service” setting enabled. (Those never work.). Either that or it’s the usual distance or interference issues…


What @Customer said.

At only one bar of LTE, it can be tough to maintain HD resolution. You could have some buffering and a clear image at the start, then the buffer drains and you get that “graveyard in a monsoon” effect. Or something more boring like screen freezing or disconnect errors. :frowning_face:

How are things when your phone is WiFi connected to the same LAN as the cams? How are things when resolution is set to SD or 360p? Do the cams all have solid connections to the router and the internet connection is capable of the needed speeds?



Oh man I whiffed an easy one. I didn’t even look up to see he or she was on low signal LTE. Thanks @sodcam. I was assuming the same WiFi network.

You can safely ignore at least half of what I said earlier. :frowning:


We were looking at the same problem, your eyes were just good enough to read the speed numbers and I had to look at the other! :nerd_face:

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It could be, but it never did that before and I had my cameras up for almost a year. I’ll try and reset my modem and call my internet company, see whats up with my service. Tx

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Yes. Their all good when i’m home. It only happens when i’m not home even with full bars. :confused:

Hmmm… Well, here are a couple of similar-ish issues being discussed regarding iPhones and remote access to cams which may offer some ideas.

Seems to be more of an issue with the latest app version combined with a newer iPhone, or at maybe the newest iOS. My older iPhones don’t have the issue (yet).