Camera goes off after several minutes

My camera goes off after several minutes, need to plug in again

Can you explain a bit more? What leads you to the conclusion it has gone off? In the app can you see the live view?

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I a plugged the camera, it’s turn on, I can see everything from the app, but when I enter again later the camera is off line in the app, also light in the camera is off

I am guessing here, but it sounds like perhaps the outlet the camera is plugged into is connected to a switch? Perhaps someone is turning the switch off?

Check the connection at the back of a Cam
My daughter had a connection problem at the back of a Cam pan she couldn’t resolve , I had her switch to a different cord , that solved the problem

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I just had to exchange one of my brand new Pan Cams for the same issue. ( I have 3 total) After the installation the Pan Cam would turn itself off and on. ( it would make its clicks and the pan would reset to default)I tried using the cables from the other pan cam’s and it did not revolve the issue, also tried different memory cards, different outlets for the power brick. I think sometimes it just may be a simple defect. This is based on my personal experience and may not be the case for you, but your description of your problem sounded exactly like mine, and support was unable to correct it after providing me with useful trouble shooting tips: Format the card, factory reset, try a new SD card, also something about switching it to SD and not use HD ( not sure why the last one). after replacement, the newest pan cam to my set up is working flawlessly.