Camera fails to record events

My floodlight v3 won’t record an event when the lights come on but it’ll record an event for when the floodlights turn off

Why does it act this way??

Hi Rulwiz,

Could you please send me the log and a short screenshot of this. Thank you!

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A screenshot of the what exactly ? The log or the event ?

Let’s say a time today that you know there was definitely an event but the camera has not showing any event. And the device log.

What happened was my floodlight got triggered by itself by nothing and the v3 didn’t record the lights turning on but it did record the event when lights went off. I thought that was a bit strange as it didn’t get the whole event only partial . I would’ve like to have the full event so I can view what triggered it instead of having to go through and scrub the playback

I’m also still not able to submit a log with videos .

I’m on IOS. Latest app version and everything

No videos show up when I open my camera roll… would like to include a video for the devs !

Hello @WyzeDesmond

My v3 on the floodlight is still failing to record light changes events

Submitted a LOG and included the time it happened .

My front porch camera got triggered by the light change but the v3 on the floodlight DID NOT trigger the v3 and it never motion tagged the event this not recording it or uploading it to the cloud .

Please look into the matter , thanks

My floodlights got triggered again and the v3 on the floodlight again failed to motion tag the light change and did not record nor upload the event to the cloud .

Submitted a log

Hi Rulwiz, thanks for the reporting. Just to be cleared. You would like your V3 and floodlight both get triggerd by the light change? And your current issues are sometimes the LED turns on but V3 didn’t record anything. And sometimes V3 record something but LED didn’t trigger?

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No, I would not like the floodlight to get triggered by a light change

What happens is , sometimes when the floodlights get triggered on my v3 does not get triggered by the light change and does not record an event

I notice that for some reason motion tagging never happens , motion tagging is on . So it fails to record events

So your floodlight is set to triggered by both PIR and regular motion?
Also for V3 camera event recording settings, is the “filtered by PIR Sensor” is on?

No, my floodlight is set to only turn on when motions been detected by the pir sensor

No, just detect motion is on

If floodlight is set to only turn on when PIR is detected. Then light change may not be able to capture.
As for motion recording event. Are all your events labeled as “person” or “vehicle”? Are there any events simply labled as “motion”?

The v3 on the floodlight is set to record an event when motions been detected , shouldn’t it detect a light change ? Bc it motion tags headlights and everything else

[quote=“WyzeDesmond, post:13, topic:240305”]
As for motion recording event. Are all your events labeled as “person” or “vehicle”? Are there any events simply labled as “motion”?

Person and vehicle events when theirs a person or vehicle in frame . Motion when theirs no person or vehicle in frame . General motion is as you know , light changes , tress waving , etc

So in your event list on the app. You can see some events just tagged “motion” correct?

As for LED on the floodlight itself. Since that was set to “motion is detect by PIR sensor” so it won’t be trigged for regular motion.

Correct , if it’s just general motion

So in the past, this V3 fail to detect any light change. There is no one event showing its capturing the moment when the light changes? Or it fails sometime?

In the past , the v3 would record a light change . When my floodlights would turn on

Sometimes now , that same v3 will fail to record when the floodlights come on .