Camera faces TV

We set up a cam-pan in our RV but it needs to face the TV. We don’t have it panning. Is there a way to exclude the tv? I have the cam set for motion, perhaps changing it to Person?

Have you checked it’s detection zone settings? Do you have camplus? Camplus or the legacy person detection system is needed for the ability of person tagging.

I do have cam plus. I am interpreting Person that the camera records when a person appears, is that correct? Where is the detection zone setting? I don’t ever recall seeing this. Thanks

The camera detects motion, then uploads it to the cloud. The cloud analyses the video and if the ai detects a person, vehicle etc, it tags it as such. Dependant on your settings, you will get notified for whatever tag is attached to the video.

If you click on the gear while in live view from the camera, you should see detection settings a little down the list. Click that then there should be a detection zone button. Clicky that.

Is the camera shared to you?


Thanks for all the help. I found the detection zones easily. Unfortunately, that won’t work. The TV is in the middle of the picture.

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