Camera disconnecting from the network

The app keeps telling me to recycle the camera.

Are you aware that to recycle the camera, or to power on and off my camera, I need to get a high ladder, take it outside and set it under the camera, climb that ladder and unplug, then replug it ? Then climb back down the ladder and put it away ? It’s 30 degrees outside !!!

Most users plug their cameras on a smart plug, exactly for the reasons you pointed. Don’t forget that the cameras just like all electronics will occasionally need power cycling. No different than your computer, phone or tablet.

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What is a smart plug? And why wasn’t one mentioned or supplied?
And secondly, I understand some electronics need to be reset ON OCCASION.
This is extremely annoying.

Here is one example.

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You are aware this is a user-to-user forum, and not Wyze. Right? Just a bunch of very helpful folks trying to help each other.

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No, I did not know.
But that makes sense.
It took me months rill they even had a place to direct me to for answers. By now I’m am just totally over these cameras. My son says to return them. But then I thought maybe it was the wifi system, so I had someone come in and boost the system for me. And that didn’t help.
I’m just soooooo tired of those messages of error number this or error number that, it that it’s not connected, or that this is wrong or that is wrong. They are wearing me down and I hate it.
So I’m sorry I screamed, but I really thought this was being answered by Wyze.
I whole heatedly wish I could do something about that company for torturing me continually with these cameras. :face_with_spiral_eyes::pleading_face::rage: