Camera Disappears from iPhone App

My camera keeps disappearing from my iPhone app (happens for me and my wife). I’ve tried to logout/login, force close the app, and delete/reinstall the app - all show the same “Add Device” screen without my camera. This usually happens when I’m watching the feed from my camera and I click on the “<” button or go to any other screen other than the live feed. When I get back to the “home” screen, the camera is gone and the only way to get it back is to set it back up.

I’d like to like this camera, but if this isn’t resolved, we’ll be returning it. Hopefully there’s a good solution or there’s something we’re doing wrong.

Thanks for any help!

I’ve never heard of that happening, so I am going to guess that it’s a user error - but I can’t imagine what. someone who lives in camp iPhone will likely need to work with you on this one.
Good luck.

@user7323 I have never seen that issue reported here in the 2+ years I have been on the forum. So you are saying that if you are in Live view and tap the back arrow on the top left and go back to the Home screen there are no cameras shown there? And yes I am using iOS app.2.42.6 (1), iOS 16.5.1 and the V3 cams have firmware version

Haven’t seen this occuring before. Are you and your wife using the same login and password? Or do you keep installing it on the other’s account (therefore it disappears from the originals account)?

What actual app version that you are using? What firmware is on the camera? Are you able to post a screen recording of this occuring and post it here? If you can recreate, I’d also recommend creating an app log and then contacting Support with that app log to report the possible bug