Camera concerns

I’ve notice a couple of things with my cameras.
One is software and the other is mechanical.

The software is…even though I disable the Detection Zone…i keep getting motion alerts.

Mechanical… I noticed that the swindle movement of the camera becomes very weak (soft) making it a bit difficult for the camera to stay in place.

I found that sticking a very small piece of tissue in between the crack of the camera head and the base helps the movement to be a bit more rigid.

Several people on these forums have done similar things to stiffen the camera swivel stand. So you are in excellent company there.

If you turn the motion detection zone off that tells the camera to use the entire viewable area as a detection zone. The detection zone is there to limit or restrict what areas of the cameras view the motion sensor should pay attention to.

To turn off notifications and events set the sliders off in both notifications and in the Events settings. For each camera. You can turn just the notifications off if you still want the camera to capture events.


Oh ok… thanks for the reply.
I hope Wyze can come up with a way to lock the swivel movement in future cameras :slight_smile:

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You can do this for a V2 cam. I have done this to a couple over a year ago the tabs are still in there , one is outside
A Small tab of clear plastic, cut ,from , any blister pack, slide it into the gap between the camera housing and the part that rotates that will tighten it up,

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