Camera Complications or User Malfuction?

I have several issues with my new camera:
•Color Night Vision does not work. I have tried dim lighting to no lighting and the camera ir or ir whatever lights on & off, no color at all.
•The picture is pixalated majority of the time when in panning mode & is clear only a moment or 2 between movements
•Sound from the motor is loud and heard on recording & watching live very loudly every single time it moves.
•No instructions on how to use google services.
•Your email doesnot work when trying to provide feedback. I tried several times that resulted in error page from your server.

Hey, sorry you having issues with your new cam.

For the color night vision, make sure its set to AUTO. You can change this in the cams settings or with the moon icon right above and to the right of the live view. Try setting it to OFF to see if that works.

For google, are you meaning google assistant? You should be able to set that up by adding the Wyze skill in the google home app.

What support email are you using? Try, hit the chat box on the right bottom, and get to a human.

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Make sure your app and firmware are up to date if you haven’t already. Not saying this will fix the issues, but support will have you do this when you reach them.

There are other reports here in the forum of the CNV not functioning in the PanV2. While the CNV does require some ambient light for the starlight sensor to amplify, you should get color vision with the NV settings off and some minimal light source nearby.

If the IR setting is on, the image will be in black and white and the IR filter will click closed over the lens. If you don’t see an image when this is on, then there is also a problem with the IR emitters.

Absolutely. This is a problem I have also with my CamPan. The motion tracking pan movement is really bad right now. Video Quality is nearly unintelligible and when it does pan, it looses AI object lock and segments CamPlus full length events.


What instructions are you looking for? You have to link your Wyze account in Google Home: Settings :gear: → Works with Google (bottom of list) → Wyze Home.

The support site was recently updated to a new ChatBot and ticket submission form. Wyze is aware of the malfunctions and is working to fix it. Until then, it might be better to contact them by phone to submit a ticket.