Camera bound error

Got cameras when they first came out and enjoyed the cloud feature. Got more cameras over the years and used SDs on a few of them.

Recently realized on a cam I moved after setting up event recording it would only take a photo and I had to sign up for cam plus lite.

Well, says that camera is bound to another plan, which it definitely is not. Tried to go to support which is now just a chat bot. When did support become a joke? The chat bot sucks and said I should submit a diagnostic log.
Okay, I did, and in the follow up instructions it says I need to connect with a team member, which the link sends me back to the chatbot option, so I’m posting here.

Log ID number 705931. Please disassociate whatever the camera is bound to and resolve this issue.

You can check if the cam is bound to something in the account > services tab. Find your cam plus or cam plus lite license(s) and make sure that cam isn’t listed. If it’s not, try deleting the cam from the app and setting it up again. If it still happens, contact support and give them that log. You can type “human” into the chat box to get the phone number and email or live chat.