Came home and camera was unplugged

Hey everyone! I have an old iPhone 7 if that matters. I came home from work and my camera had been unplugged, I would like to know how that happened. I also stupidly pressed the setup thing on the bottom. Is there a way to retrieve videos from this morning still? I keep reading about a folder but I don’t see it. The phone wouldn’t reconnect to the internet when I had plugged it in originally either.

Does it have a SD card? Take that out and put it in a computer, you can access the files there.
Look in the event tab on the home page of the app, you cameras last moments may have been caught in a motion event (if you have that set up).
You phone wouldn’t connect to the internet, through your home wifi? Or are you saying there were issues with the app connecting?

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I don’t have a SD card sadly. I came home and it was unplugged and then wouldn’t reconnect to the internet when I plugged it in. The password hasn’t been changed either. Also, the camera is showing zero events and it has been recording/sending me events till somewhere around 7am this morning, now all the events are gone and the camera is “offline”

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Are you looking at the correct day in the event tab? You can change your day by clicking on the calendar days near the top of the event tab window.

Do you share your login with anyone else?

When powering back up a camera, it takes a few moments for it to connect and be accessable to the app. Plug it back in and wait and see. You may need to restart the app to help it refresh.

I’d look at your last event when you are able to find it. Because if the unplug event happens within 5 mins of that, then there won’t be an event clip due to the cool down.

Does the nature of the “unplug” appear to be accidental or intentional? Unplugged from the wall or camera?

do you have any pets that might have been “playing with the cord”?