Camara shuts down

This camara keeps shutting down !!! Does it do yhis alot ? And if so i think i sending it back

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My cameras are doing the same thing. Whenever I go to the app to check my cam, I have to turn them on. I have SD cards in all of them and have set them to continuous recording, but of course that’s useless if the cameras are off.



When you say “off”, do you mean it displays with an off icon in the app, even though you left it on?

Just to be clear, if you mean instead that it has to reconnect, then that is normal.

If the camera is really getting switched to OFF mode seemingly by itself, I’d wonder if someone else has access to the camera. Does anyone else have your login credentials? Have you shared the camera?

If not, I would delete the camera from the app, do a factory reset, and set it up again.

I’ve had problems with old SD cards and cards > 32GB. When I put the Wyze 32GB cards in most of my SD card problems were fixed.
However I did find out that when running into trouble like that it’s best to format the card.

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