Cam V4 spotlight

Anyone else having an issue with the V4 camera freezing/losing connection when the spotlight turns on? I have to power cycle the camera to get it back online. Not a big deal as the area has good lighting at night, so I’ll just turn it off for now. Just noticed this while testing spotlight motion.

Not an issue with mine. Try lowering the reduction an daee if it still happens. Something to try and narrow down what the issue could be.

Sounds like a power problem. Are you by chance using an extension cable of the USB power or replace the cable with a longer one? Or anything else different from the standard power supply and cable?

It is using an extension cable, I have another V4 nearby facing the opposite direction also on a separate extension cable that does not have the issue. Both extension cables are 15 ft and plugged into the same outlet location. The V4’s replaced V3’s which had no issues.

I think you may have mis-understood my question. I’m not referring to an AC power extension cord, but rather then cable from the power adapter to the camera.

It’s a 15 ft. USB to Micro B Power Cable from the power adapter to the camera.

Try swapping the two cables.