Cam V4 Livestream Choppy in Evenings


I have had my v4 for about a week now and I am having an issue in the evenings with the Livestream in the evenings. It is extremely choppy. I have changed the resolution to 360 but that only marginally helps.

This camera replaced a v3 which has not had connectivity issues over the last 2 years in that spot. Another v3 is right next to the V4 and is about a foot further from the router.

This is only happening in the later hours of the evening. I can’t be sure what time it starts but is typically around 10pm central time.

I live alone and there is no additional Internet traffic on my network in the evenings.

Restarting the camera from the app and power cycling has not resolved the issue. Does anyone has any tips that might resolve this?

Note: I am on V3 beta app but I assume this is not the issue as playback on my other cameras is not affected at the time the V4 is.

Also on beta firmware


I know it doesn’t help, but I’m not experiencing any nighttime anomalies with my v4 cams. All are doing 2K streaming 24/7. Some are set to color night vision, some are doing IR night vision. All are running beta firmware and streaming via both the and 3.0.0.b489 apps.


I appreciate the response nonetheless!

It’s not a world shattering problem because sd recording seems to be fine and events are still recording properly.

I am moving in about two weeks so I’ll be curious to see if that improves the issue or not.


For reference:


First guess is either your own WiFi is getting choked with other users (kids watching videos, etc), or your close neighbors are making heavy use of their WiFi and it is causing WiFi interference that is affecting your network. Could also be something like a baby monitor video system that is causing interference to your WiFi.



I am on the only one on my network as I live alone.

How close would the neighbors need to be roughly? I ask this because I am living in a house and my closest neighbors are 20 ft away on both side. The camera in question is directly in the middle of my house.

I know that my neighbors don’t have any babies or small children, but I guess baby monitors can always be used for something outside the very literal name.

Any ideas on how I could help prevent the interference?

Also if it is network interference / bandwidth issue wouldn’t I have a problem with my other wyze cam that is right next to it?

Cam Groups are unaffected. It’s only when I enter the cameras livestream does it get all choppy.

What internet connection do you have (DSL, Verizon/T-Mobile, cable, fiber?) and at what nominal speed? When it’s choppy, try to do speed tests.

V4 moves data at almost 3X the V3. That can be a factor when the current connection is marginal.

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I have fiber Internet through AT&T providing 300 Mbps down.

I just preformed a speed test and got 320 Mbps. The camera is currently proving the choppy livestream feed.

Appreciate the response!

On second thought. I now realize that the speed test is irrelevant to your issue; should be just the quality of the WiFi connection between the camera/router and the router/phone; it’s peer to peer. I’d start looking there.

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Do you have any recommendations on what to check?

I’m just a little dumbfounded because now in the morning it’s streaming just fine. This is a constant issue in the evenings that resolves itself by morning.

I have not changed my physical location in the house when preforming the checks to make sure it’s not a bad connection in this specific area of the house.

So at this my troubleshooting knowledge is running out :sweat_smile:

You can try WiFi utilities that examine channel congestion and interference. Some routers come bundled with them. I saw some discussion and suggestions here in the forum, search for them. other routers, hair dryers, etc interfere with WiFi radios, especially the 2.4ghz band. WiFi6/6E does a good job dealing with it.

Some WiFi equipment (usually supplied by the ISPs) are notorious for being bad at WiFi. My Verizon router is a good example. I replaced it with my own equipment.

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Hey @ashtonwalky, I had a similar issue long time ago with my v3’s. The way I fixed it was by changing the 2.4Ghz channel from auto to 6.


Thank you! I changed my settings to your recommendation and the cameras are loading much faster than before. The cam v4 is almost instant!

I will update later this evening when the issue typing starts but fingers crossed this fixed it! :crossed_fingers:

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That is great news.

I have 100 Mbps and have no issues. Channel congestion was a good idea to check.

Maybe get a wifi analyzer app. I have seen them for Android and Windows. There are also other tools available to help with wifi.

You can monitor the channel and compare signal levels during the morning and evenings to verify your situation.

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You can try any channel and see which one helps. Stay clear from 1 and 14 though as they only have one neighbouring channel.

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On my router, the channel setting can be “Auto”. The router continually analyses traffic and uses the least congested channel.

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I found that doesn’t always work, but maybe you have a better router.

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I have no issues with the Auto setting. The bigger problem is service throttling. Verizon is known to throttle when they see you use TV streaming services. I have to use a VPN to hide my TV equipment from them. When they do throttle, I’m reminded of my dial-up days.


This is what I previously had my router on and was seemingly causing the issue.

I previously had Verizon home Internet and the throttling is brutal