Cam v4 accessing older clips from cloud

when using cam v4 with cam plus accessing older clips or like more than a certain number of clips get very slow and you have to wait I don’t know how long, someone paying for cam plus will NOT be happy with this.

I don’t know if they have bandwidth limiting or not enough from number of users. But, this can happen from user side things like wifi quality, home network use, ISP shared home internet traffic, ISP doing things to slow down connection to Wyze servers, and more.

An interesting test might be to see when it slows down then switch to cellular data and see what the speed is like (or vice versa if you’re using normally using data).

You are right,
I tried this before on other company cloud such as Ring and it is much faster

I think around 40 or so on cloud clips then it slow down while other company such as ring it doesn’t slow down till after maybe way more clips like a day or more I have many cameras and tried it, customer paying for the cloud membership will not be happy.

The displaying 20 at a time may be a saver for you also so you don’t get blasted with a large number of clips at once. It keeps it to more relevant clips that you may want to see. If the what your looking for isn’t in the first batch, then load the next batch. If you want to see a more focused lists, use the filters to narrow down the results by camera, or event type, or AI tags.