CAM v3 SIREN? where? how?

just received the new wyze cam v3 yesterday. really like the improved night vision. using the v3 facing out a front porch side window. works better at night compared to the v2. now want to get more v3 cams.

anyways, while setting up, saw a quick notice about testing(?) or trying out the siren(?)

ignored that. because was doing something else in setting up the v3.

then went back to look for the siren.

but cannot see how to get to the siren.

so, question: how to get to the siren in the v3? particularly so i know how to shut it off if the siren accidently or unexpectedly turns on. and also so i know what not to press to avoid it wailing away when iā€™m elsewhere not knowing the siren turned on. thanks.

Siren is one of the options under More (the three dots on the right below the video).