Cam v3 siren latency

What is a reasonable latency for the siren to sound after a human has been detected? I have read that notifications may take hours but I haven’t been able to find this specifically answered. Thanks.

Question unclear. You asking what the delay is or what is a reasonable delay is?

If the siren is sounding based on a rule I guess it has to get uploaded first and then analyzed? So, not immediate.

Yes, I am using a rule (when a human is detected by the cam, sound the siren). I understand that the video needs to be uploaded, recognized by the AI and the command sent back to the cam. My ping = 15 msec, upload = 395 Mbps and download = 24 MBPS. So what is a reasonable delay between the time the person is seen and the siren sounds? If anyone cares to test their time, step into the field of vision and measure the time until you hear your siren. Mine was about 30 seconds and I don’t know if that is good or bad. Thanks, again.


Before I did the test, I would have said 15-20 seconds. But I just set a rule on a V3 camera to sound the siren on the same camera if the Cam Plus assigned to that camera saw a person. The siren sounded within 5 seconds on my 3 test attempts. :slight_smile:

There was one test attempt where it didn’t fire at all, but I had stayed in view since the last attempt. When I got out of view for a few and came back it worked quickly again.

As far as ‘hours’, I see those stories occasionally, but I personally have never had issues with late notifications except when there is a major server disruption. There may be home networks that suffer that routinely, but yours sounds like it has great bandwidth (I’m assuming your quoted numbers are flipped; most people have a faster download than upload).

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Thanks, Newshound, I think my time is in the ballpark and fast enough to accomplish the goal. I thought my numbers looked weird. :smiley:

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