Cam v3 setup

I already have a cam2 I’ll be replacing it with the cam3. What I want to know is will it just be plug and play maybe with an update to the app or am I gonna have to do the remove device and set the new one up all over, rules , Alexa, etc???

The new cam will be like adding another V2 to your Wyze app. It will require updating to the new version of the app and may or may not require a FW update. Setup will be like the V2.
Rules and Alexa will require changing from your existing trigger devices to the new cam, as you would if you replaced your existing V2 with another.
Removing the old device will be up to you-they coexist well!


Thanks tomp. will the cam plus that I have on the v2 translate to the v3 if I want it on that cam? I think its was a price per cam if I remember.

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Yes, you can deactivate the license on the V2 and activate it on the V3 anytime.

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