Cam v3 playing clip from microsd

when using the cam v3 to play a clip from microsd sometime the video play slower than normal, using an android relatively new Samsung galaxy phone??

Not sure if anyone is ever clear enough with this one lol. Is that sd card streaming from the Wyze cam or downloaded the videos to the phone’s sd card and playing from there? Its not good to only assume that someone is saying from the cam.

If its from the cam then the router or other wifi APs can cause a slowdown when they have a stability issue. An issue with eg the router may only show up as a streaming problem and nothing else noticed. It can also be other possible things.

If its direct from the phone’s sd card then its a phone, sd card, or app related issue. Like heavy background usage on the phone could potentially cause slowdown and more stuff not listing.

It’s streaming from wyze cam v3 sd card, i don’t have problem with router or network also I other companies cameras that didn’t encounter such a problem.

“Not sure if anyone is ever clear enough with this one lol.” ??