Cam V3 only records 4 hours at a time-other issues

I always have problems with the V3 Cams. For example, after purchasing the continuous recordings with Cam Plus, even when people were doing things in front of my camera, the cam would only record for 24 seconds then stop.

Sometime in the recent past, my cam stopped recording at 24 hour intervals after an update was performed. It only records for about 4 hours and all previous recordings just disappear. For example, I can view any recording between the hours of 1 and 5 pm but all recordings from before 1 pm were no longer available. By 6 pm, if there was a recording, all recordings from 1 pm to 2 pm were no longer available, and so on.
Tech support doesn’t know why my cam is doing that and had no suggestions or helpful advise but only closed the case and left me hanging with the problem.

I live in a community where two individuals own a bunch of real estate on a single block and rent out homes. So a lot of the people living in my neighborhood have lived here for many years.

After moving in, it was apparent that my home was being entered and utilized by more than one person. My Cam never recorded anything happening but my personal property was either being taken or broken. The people breaking in pretty much enter my home and take what ever it is that they need or want, toilet paper, food, tape, tools and so forth.

At some point, and without going into detail, I speculated that my electricity was being shut off in part of my home which would shut down my internet and then shut down the camera.

Thinking that the 4 hour recording problem was isolated to my cam, I bought a second V3 cam for an inside view of my only entry way, then rerouted all equipment to a back room. After setting up the second V3 cam, both cams only records at 4 hour intervals.

The people stopped entering my home for 2 or 3 weeks and I thought that I may have been correct about the electricity thing. However, it started again and if the cameras picked up something I would not know because I would have to have forknowledge of when the intruder would enter my home in order for me to be able to view and save the recorded data. Otherwise, any possible recording would have automatically been deleted. How convenient for the intruders.

Well, I can vouch that both the V3 cams do a wonderful job capturing me leaving and entering my home… just not the people breaking into my home. How is that possible? My cam never even recorded the person who pryed my door open when I changed the lock with an unmarked vendor but the marks from prying the door open are on my door and side panel.

The police won’t do anything about my problem.

Sorry for all the problems you are having. Do you have an SD card in the camera? With that you could at least try to get continuous recording with the camera. The card would record as long as the camera has power. If you really believe someone is turning off the power you could add some type of battery backup to keep it running.

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The 4 hour thing doesn’t make sense. For cloud recordings Wyze retains everything for 14 days. Someone would need access to your Wyze account. Also, maybe you just need to scroll down?

If you meant 4 hours of SD card recording, I suppose it’s possible your card capacity is very small…