Cam V3 Not recording all events

I have 2 cameras in my garage both showing a different angle, as well as one on the front of my garage looking down at the driveway, and one on the house looking at the garage (Detached across from the garage), this AM I took out my ATV, my 2 cameras in the garage see me and record it, although I get an error on one of the retrieve recordings… the camera pointing down doesnt see me leave, and the camera facing my garage door shows an event at that time and I only get a still shot when retrieving it, however it does state 26s…I tell you, if someone had stolen my ATV, I would be hard pressed to show much, even though I have 4 cameras all V3’s able to record all the events. Actually, make that 5 one recording the field beside where I passed and it as well shows a recoding of 32s, but I only see a still. All are on Cam Plus. Did I make a mistake replacing all on my security Cam’s?