Cam v3 noise

I don’t find the issue troublesome as I don’t record sound. I use them only for video footage. Honestly, at the price point of these cameras I can live with small hiccups.

You were replying to my post. I asked the question, “same problem” followed by a question mark. Then provided a link to a similar problem. You obviously misunderstood my post.

I have 13 cameras and have never had any real problems. I believe now, and have always believed, that theses cameras are great for the money. They do everything I expect from them. I would buy more Wyze cameras, but I ran out of places to put them.

That’s odd, on my end it shows I was replying to FullOfBeans, there’s so many threads though… maybe I replied to the both of you. Either way though I am glad you do not find the issues you’ve encountered to be troublesome and are happy with your purchases. I just prefer to not have to continue replacing cameras due to malfunctions out of my control. Trying to solve my issue with better quality but unfortunately at a higher cost but I am hopeful that the new devices will meet my needs and provide the quality and longevity that I expect. When my Wyze cameras worked properly, I truly did love Wyze and recommended the company to others. Take care

Ah. My ears were burning. So I will give you my update on this situation. I originally discovered that the first four v3 cameras I purchased all had bad sound. Those were replaced under warranty and the replacements had the same issue. Months later I took the chance and ordered a couple pan cams and those had no sound problems. I then ordered a few more v3s and those had no sound problems. So the only conclusion I can draw is that there was a period of time when the v3s being shipped where part of a bad batch. While the Wyze cams I have now are working fine, it was a bit of a hassle for a while trying to figure out the issue only to be told by those who had the good fortune to not order during a time when the company was working through defective stock that the issue was a “me problem”. Pretty dang dismissive and a disservice to customers who were just trying to get cams that worked as promised. But that’s water under the bridge now as my subsequent purchases have been fine, even if a couple had to be replaced under warranty for other malfunctions, such as, failure to enter set up mode and inability to detect the network. There appears to be a trade off between price and reliability and as long as you persist in getting replacements under warranty, it will hopefully be worth it all in the end.

PS. I did buy several battery powered cams by another company before Wyze began selling one and I learned that I much prefer the functionality of the wired cams for their continuous recording capability. Being able to scrub the timeline beyond the 12 sec event recordings has been a function I truly find valuable.