Cam v3 needs 90 degree option

Love the new v3 camera, but it also needs to have a 90 degree option when viewing. Similar to the doorbell cam (still waiting for it) having a portrait orientation all the time. Its like the may have turn the camera side ways and not the software.

To keep it simple Wyze just needs an improved app that can shift the images received, then any of the camera products can be rotated to the customer’s desires.

On my Santa list.


There’s a #wishlist item for this feature here:

Wyze most likely won’t do this due to the image ratio, but it’s still a cool idea!


Yeah I asked for this when the Outdoor model came out… the way they mount using the built-in mounting options, if you’re mounting it to an exterior side wall, you really need 90 degree instead of 180 degree rotation the way the base mount plus limited position is designed. I suspect V3 is similar although I haven’t taken mine outside yet.

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Totally understand aspect ratio, but if app is flexible when coded, the app would compensate for the aspect ratio. It handles the ratio when a device is turned and viewing a camera.
Yes if the device is portrait then I’d expect black bars on top/bottom and when landscaped position the view would look correct.

The new doorbell cam is suppose to be such a setup…so not sure how hard it would be to trick a v1, v2, v3 cam to pretend to be a doorcam and default to a portrait position. Maybe the doorcam is a total different hardware.

If Wyze needs verification of such a large customer base that needs this feature, then send a survey out. I think majority of people have camera locations that are narrow and long (doorways, garages, enclosed rooms/patios). There are plenty of people posting these type of locations. Alternatively, some big data analysis of public available Wyze videos would likely show many users with these 90 degree positions.

For now those that have cameras positioned at 90 degrees, have to just turn it to a landscape position, position the device horizontally (like on a table), and then twist/turn it to view as a portrait on a table. Its tricky and requires getting use to…too much movement and the gyro will sense and think you want the image rotated again. May be able to lock the device to a set view.

Wyze may eventually add this as a feature to the growing service list to offset any coding expenses and eventually as a profit center.

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Rotate to 90 degrees but maintain landscape monitoring, is it possible? When attached to a wall, positioning is very limited, not unless if you guys have brilliant ideas on how to mount it, that would be great! Example: cam in the driveway, facing left, 45deg face down.

You can’t rotate 90° and not affect aspect ratios (landscape vs portrait), unless your image is a square, or you want to mess up the image itself.

Technically, rotating 180° is no more difficult than rotating 90°. What makes it difficult (for Wyze) is that it has difficulty working with UI code in general. I see lots of UI bugs in the app, revision after revision.

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