Cam v3 motion activation rules

I what to know if one of my CamV3 cameras after motion or person detection can turn on my plug which turns on lights. Also want the plug to turn off after 5 minutes and only turn on from 8pm through 5am.

You can, as long as you have Cam Plus for the V3 Camera. Cam Plus is needed for Person detection.

When you setup the rule, set the trigger being the V3 on Person. Then set the Action for the Plug in question and use it for Turn on for. Also, make sure you set the rule to be active only during the period of time you would like, 8pm to 5am.

Here are the images:

Trigger Screen                          Action Screen


Since the cam is a V3, the rule should also work with the cam assigned to Cam Plus Lite since it also provides Person Detection. However it will not work while the cam is in a 5 minute cooldown following an Event Upload so it introduces the possibility of not triggering the rule for many motion or person events.

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