Cam v3 Makes Noise when Outlet is turned off

My Wyze Cam v3 is hooked up to an outlet that automatically turns off at night (for a reason). But when it is off, the camera makes a ticking noise. At first we thought we had water dripping, but it is the camera speaker. But no power. I’ve heard there can be residual power in an outlet that is turned off with z-wave and other devices, so perhaps it is getting a “touch” of power. Has anyone else had this issue? And a solution?

If you unplug the USB cable from the AC adapter (or unplug the AC adapter), does the ticking sound go away? That would at least give strong evidence your hypothesis of the root cause is correct.

I’ll have to get a ladder (it is up 10’ at ceiling). But, if I cut the AC by the USB, it absolutely will stop regardless. There is something about residual (phantom) power through an outlet.

You may want to check the wiring of that outlet. It doesn’t sound like it is wired correctly?

Is the outlet you are turning off a ‘smart’ outlet, if so some of them have power going to them to keep the WiFi or z-wave running. There could be a problem with the outlet allowing power to bleed through to the camera. If it is not a ‘smart’ outlet chances are the outlet is bad or the wiring has issues. I would use a DVM (multimeter) and check for power coming out of the outlet while it is turned off first.