Cam V3 discount

I have been a Camplus member for a few weeks (on two cameras) and have been trying to take advantage of the $19.99 V3 promo to buy another camera that I will not need Camplus on, but every time I log in and go to shop, it does not discount the $23.99 price. How do I get the special price?

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Make sure you’re logging in, then clicking “shop”, then the V3 page. You should see the price of $19.99 for one V3.

Are you using the same email as the one that was used to purchase Cam Plus? Have you tried adding one to your cart?

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There was another discussion on this. If you pick the V3 Camera only option, 1 camera, then go to checkout, the price shows 23.99. If you up the Qty to 3 it drops down to 19.99 per camera. Here is the other location: Price error of cam v3 - #6 by WyzeGwendolyn

BTW: @WyzeGwendolyn indicated that this issue has been resolved. I did verify it was indeed fixed.

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Thanks for responding. Yes, I was logged in with the correct email, verified I have two paid Cam Plus subscriptions, and went to the shop, but only the $23.99 price showed up. I just tried again, including trying to add it to the cart, and it still showed $23.99.

Do you see both options? V3 with CamPlus and the V3 only? The default is the one with the CamPlus.

Also, Do you see the adjusted Price? I never do unless I am logged in withe the correct account.

One other question, are you doing this from your phone or a computer?

Both the CamPlus and the regular V3 show at $23.99. I’ve tried it both on my PC and my cellphone, and cannot get the $19.99 to show at all. I even tried the other suggestion of putting 3 in the cart but they still show $23.99 each. I am definitely logged in before I go to the shop. At this point it is not the $4 but the principle of the thing. I tried to do this during my first two week free trial and was told i needed to be on the regular plan, so I purposely cut my free trial short and activated my i year subscriptions (that was another chore - even though I had paid for Cam subscriptions when I bought the cams, I had to “pay again” with the assurance I would not be double charged, just to activate.). At this point I will just hold off.