Cam V3 and lamp socket combo issue

Hello all!

I have a lamp socket with a cam V3 installed in one of my garage light fixtures that works correctly except for the fact that about 3 or 4 times a week I have to turn power off and back on to the light to reset it. It keeps disconnecting giving me an error code 90. It shows the lamp socket as on but I don’t get a live view. Is there anything that can be done to stop this from happening?

I don’t have any sockets but I do have some V3 cams. Maybe you can check the Wi-Fi signal strength on your devices?

Yea check the signal strength like Antonius said, and also make sure your router isn’t at the device limit. Also, are you using the router provided by your ISP? How old is your router? What’s your network speed (up and down), and does your WiFi go offline frequently? Thanks in advance!

I checked the signal strength and I have 2 bars. That should be good enough I would guess.

I’ll have to check the device limit when I get off work but I’m pretty sure it’s not at the limit. I use my own router and modem, I am using a Linksys EA7500, probably about 6 years old or so. My internet speed is 150 Mbps down and I don’t remember what the up is, it’s pretty low though. I don’t really have any issues with the Wifi as most of my devices are hard wired.

In the tech world for consumer electronics 6 years is getting a bit old. How many cams do you have? Do you stream movies/videos frequently? Even if you don’t use WiFi for much if it’s plugged into the same router it will still cause load. Activities such as recording/streaming cameras and watching movies/videos put a lot of load on routers, and older routers weren’t designed for those tasks so heavily used. You may want to look into upgrading routers sometimes in the near future, I think you will see significant performance improvements on your cams

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