Cam v2 won't load firmware, current or RTSP

Hi, trying to reset my girlfriend’s Wyze Cam v2 and install current firmware.

I put renamed file, demo.bin in root directory of sd card, held setup while plugging in, and all it does is to to “ready to connect”. But if I point it at the QR code on my phone, it never sees it.

I’ll try another sd card, but other than that, no idea why it’s apparently not actually loading/installing the bin file.

bin file version v2 demo_4.9.8.1002 March 17, 2022

Tried different, brand new 32G sd card formatted to FAT32, seemed to load the firmware, I think, waited 10 minutes, then unplugged it. Then, holding setup button, plugged in again and it said “ready to connect” but won’t/doesn’t see the QR code.

Could there be a mismatch from maybe not updated android Wyze app to brand new/march firmware???


You need a 32gb card for it to work, so as long as the status light was correct after you used the 32 card it should have flashed. If the QR codes not working, try rotating your phone, diffrent distances, etc. make sure forced dark mode or custom text sizes/boldness is disabled. You can also try to print it out

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Make sure that the filename is actually demo.bin. By default, windows hides filename extensions (one of the dumbest things Microsoft ever did), so if you name it to demo.bin, it will likely actually be demo.bin.bin - which will not work.