Cam v2 won't accept cam plus

Has anyone else had an issue with applying the cam plus service to a v2 camera? My cam pan will accept it but not the v2. I have spent an hour with wyze support and turned in a log to the engineers.

Hello @cameronjoe and welcome to the community

The first thing I would check is the firmware on the V2, is it up to date, what version is it. This can be found by going into the device settings and looking under device info.

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Can you explain the “won’t accept” more? Is there no toggle? Or not listed? Or you toggle, but doesn’t stick? How many camplus subscriptions did you get? Need more info to try and narrow it down. Nice on the log submit, hopefully something is found there.

The support person had me check all the usual errors. Firmware and app are currect.

It goes to the selection of applying the service to one of two cameras, a pan and a v2. The pan accepts and takes me to the screen that says I have used my plus service. If I do that on the v2, I just go back to the previous screen to make a selection of cameras and say I have a plus available.

What happeneds if you remove cam plus from the pan, and try and add it to only the v2? How many camplus subscriptions do you have?

one of the first things we tried. Started my one and only subscription on v2 first and it didn’t tell me it failed, it just didn’t work. So we put it on the cam pan and that accepted. then took it off the pan and then tried the v2 again. still did not work.