Cam v2 RTSP firmware and Onvifer (Android app) working together?

HI - trying to get the camera working with Onvifer (latest version to date) on my Android phone (Samsung S5 Neo, Andoirid 7.0). Camera has the RSTP The Wyze app sees it fine (my phone VPN is disabled for both the Wyze and Onvifer apps)

I can see it fine in Blue Iris. I’ve tried all variations I can think of in Onvifer and it fails to connect:

  • HTTP an RTSP in front of the URL
  • WIth and without the /live
  • all the protocols UDP/TCP/HTTP
    (though probably not every single combo of the above variations)

Any ideas or pointers?

Onvifer screen shot of one variation:

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Fixed with the help of Onvifer the support.

I guess I must have missed this combo:

I’m thinking I might have misspelled it a rstp first time around…