Cam V2 FW manual update

I have a V2 lying around and thought of plugging it but it failed to connect. I believe my fiber/router (from Optimum) was installed after i had removed the V2. The router is a dual 2.4/5 GHz therefore if the Cam is only 2.4 GHz capable it will not try to connect at 5 GHz.
Thinking it is FW issue i tried to flash the V2 but it is failing.

First off, i am using a 64 GB microSD with exFAT format and downloaded the latest FW. I do not have 32GB SD or lower for FAT32 formatting.

Next, when i go thru the procedure described on this site (i.e. disconnect the USB cable, insert the microSD, press and keep the setup switch pressed when plugging the USB cable) the light never switches from a solid orange to a solid blue in the suggested time or longer. It switches to flashing orange a few seconds after release.

Any idea?

The firmware flash in my experience has always required a 32GB or less microSD card so I am guessing that’s the issue.


FAT32 and 32gb or less.

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I hear you folks but if I am not mistaken there is a claim from Wyze that exFAT (for >32GB) is supported. I definitely saw it on the website.
If it is incorrect that statement should be deleted or the limitations highlighted.

For recording, yes. For firmware flash, no.

You can use a card larger than 32GB for firmware flashing if you repartition the card to a single 32GB partition.

Size and format are noted in 1st sentence of instructions:

If you saw otherwise from Wyze on a Wyze website and would like it changed or deleted, please post a link to what you found and we’ll pass your recommendation on to the appropriate Wyze team.

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You are absolutely correct. My mistake

Found a 32 lying around so after what i presume to be a successful flashing, theV2 still fails to connect. It was working before i shelved it a few months ago.