Cam V2 connection is not stable

Hello, please help me to resolve:

One of my V2 cameras suddenly found ‘offline’ phone WYZE app.
I found the blue LED at the back was blinking fast.
Tried all possible trouble shooting methods, but nothing brings back the connection stability.

  1. Power cycle (reboot)
  2. Force stop the app
  3. Delete and added the device

After each power cycle or adding as a new device, I see the video briefly for few seconds and then streaming gets disconnected and the blue LED at the back starts blinking fast. Sometimes it connects after few minutes but connection doesn’t stay long.

Here are more relevant data:
Cam v2 FW version:
Wi-Fi signal strength: 3 bars (It is in proximity to a mesh node of my home WiFi router)
WYZE app on Android version: 2.16.23