Cam V2 bricked after Firmware update and Wyze refuses to honor warranty

The warranty is to replace the item, not refund the markup that a 3rd party added on top of Wyze selling price.

For the record I find it kind of hilarious what an argument we’re getting out of some dude’s five dollars. :slight_smile:

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Honestly I’m not sure why I’m responding. They ended up giving the OP more than $30 by crediting them for a v3, which are the terms they list out in their warranty anyway.

Just in general, as long as it was an authorized reseller the cost is moot for warranty, Wyze has the right to choose repair or replace when honoring their warranty, and they could just elect to replace with a v3 like they did instead of providing a refund.



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So now you’re saying Wyze should replace the camera?

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I never said that Wyze shouldn’t, check my responses. I just find it unreasonable to expect Wyze to cover another company’s markup.

No you said Wyze can’t replace it with a V2 and was under no obligation to replace it with a V3 or refund the purchase.

You might find it unreasonable, but Wyze didn’t when they wrote the warranty. It’s not open to interpretation.

I never said that. Quote the relevant text.

If anyone wants these black v2’s Micro Center still has a ton of them for sale at this price. Of course, you do have to live by a Micro Center to get them though.

Companies always, always keep some spare units on hand to satisfy high profile or persistent complaints or unexpected needs. To think that Wyze has zero of its own signature model in a warehouse is ludicrous, especially when they are still selling them to major retailers and touting them as a basis for other products (car, home security).

This was you, wasn’t it?

That quote was referring V2, not V3, read the surrounding paragraphs for the proper context.

Consider the word, “factory”, it obviously refers to out of production V2s. V3s are still in production.

So should Wyze have just provided the OP with a replacement V3?

I have no problem with that. As I have repeatedly stated, my problem is trying to get a refund well over the price that Wyze sold V2s at.

The OP wanted the $30 towards the cost of a replacement V3 and never said that was how much he paid as the purchase price of the V2.

I doubt that Wyze still has V2s on hand. They would have given him one instead of a V3. Heck, they would have given him a used V2 if they had one, that satisfies the warranty requirements.

Perhaps I’m looking at this too simply…

But when you look at the big picture…

OP had a camera (v2). A firmware update seems to have bricked it…

Wyze honored the warranty (despite the v2 being purchased through a third party) by issuing a credit for the purchase of a v3 (newer and arguably better than the original).

So really simply put… the broken item was issued a full credit for a newer replacement.

Not really sure why there is any further argument or irritation… Theoretically, being purchased from a third party could have been an issue, yet Wyze was good enough to honor it anyway (much like Craftsman of olden day… find a broken socket in the junk yard, return it to the store, and it’s replaced without question).,.

Everybody claiming he didn’t buy the camera from the manufacturer for $30, and that’s incorrect. I was able to buy two of them directly from Wyze on their website during a special price offer. One of them still has another 30 days roughly on the warranty.

Ok. I am the OP.

Just to shut this down cuz I’m sick of seeing it.

I bought it at Amazon for $25.98 and had to pay tax of about $2.00. I rounded up $2.02 for effect.

Ipil60R34s - Let it go. I was not looking for a refund, just a replacement that works! Wyze, for the most part, made it right even though I had to purchase a V3 and it cost me an additional $8.98. Should they have replaced it with a V3 w/o me going out of pocket? Yes, but I’ll get over it. So should you. Go find a more constructive hobby other than ripping others apart and nitpicking my (and others) posts.