Cam v2 Black will not connect after failed update to

The following happened with both Android app versions 2.25.31 and 2.26.22.

All of my v2 Black and v3 cams failed to upgrade to the latest firmware on the first try. Eventually, all but one of them did update. One v2 black cam just kept failing to update. This cam was/is at before the failed attempt to update to Despite the failed update, the unit continued to stream video and record events until today. Today, it stopped streaming and just flashed blue. Tried power cycle (left uplugged for 2+ minutes), force close Android app, clear app cache, remove device, re-add device fails with flashing blue ‘attempt to connect timed out’. I actually see the cam join my wireless network and then drop off! Did a 10-sec factory reset – same behavior. It’s effectively bricked. I’m not going to try manually flashing unless Wyze steps up with some advice here.

I have two other v2 Black cams. They both eventually updated to and neither has stopped streaming.

I’ve lost several hours to this. Super frustrating. Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks.

I put just one of seven of my V2 cams on this new version, waiting and watching camera performance and forum reviews before doing the other six V2 black cams :exclamation:

Interesting the flashing blue means…it is trying it connect to the wifi,and the IP address is already in use by another device,if it will not connect try to re boot your Wi-Fi Router

Thanks @kae4560 but no.

Flashing blue means that the device is connected but has not completed setup. See Wyze’s own docs here: and in principle that could mean that the IP is already in use. But that’s not the case for me.

The IP address is not already in use. I have directly confirmed this by watching as the cam receives an IP via DHCP but fails to complete setup and eventually drops from my router’s list of connected devices.

@bryonhu You are wise in the ways of Wyze. I am usually cautious about updates but I got lazy and of course the last v2 is the one that isn’t working. I guess I’m lucky the rest are working!

I left the cam unplugged overnight. This morning I (re)verified that there was no DHCP lease for the MAC of the cam. And just now it connected on the first try. No idea. But glad to be up and running.

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Pulled the trigger so to speak, updated All the rest of my V2’s and Pan Cam.
4 needed power cycled to update of the V2’s and the Pan Cam V1 also needed power cycled.
All 7 V2’s and the V1 Pan Cam are running current firmware.

Also updated the other 16 V3’s all to latest version firmware.

All is working well…

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