Cam v2 - 24/7 Monitor - Sound is stopping

I have the Waze V2 cam connected to an old android phone. I keep the phone connected 24/7. However, I noticed that after a few hours or so the sound is stopped and I need to reopen the app in order to get the sound back on.

Does anybody encounter this issue? I’m don’t sure if it related to the phone or the cam interface.
I need a reliable monitor which will keep video and sound 24/7.


It’s not advertised anywhere that I’ve seen as a 24/7 monitoring system which causes me to suspect your expectations of inexpensive hardware might be a bit high. Or maybe audio drops due to interference encountered in the Wi-Fi signal, like neighboring wifi networks, or something along those lines.

Search the forum for
Loses Audio
and you’ll find others with the same complaint.