Cam v 3 app issue Android Galaxy A12 out of sync

I’m having an issue which seems to be related to the version of Android not the cam.
Playback on the timeline is not lined up with the playbar. The more you scroll around the more delays and out of sync it gets. This wasn’t always the way and I don’t know what version it changed From working to not working.

I have three V3 cams on show the same issues so don’t think it’s the cam unless it’s the firmware for the cam.

App seems to work fine on my newer phone (pixel 7)

Even trying to fill out the support ticket through the app showed that keystrokes or voice dictation sometimes could take six to eight seconds before showing in the box. (Not the case when typing this message so it’s not the phone)

What was tried:
Phone completely factory reset with only a couple apps as this is mainly a phone without a SIM card used for the purpose of storing security images on the device. (Pixel doesn’t have an SD card slot so I went back to using my older phone for any security I need to save.)

Issue did not go away with factory reset
App has been uninstalled and reinstalled with most current version.

Firmware is up-to-date and latest available

Tried with hardware acceleration on. Tried with hardware acceleration off. Error persists

The phone network connection to Wi-Fi is the same connection the cam is using.
Standing right next to the router does not change any performance playback.

It seems to be app related because trying to fill out a support ticket had similar type delay from what was typed to what is showing on the screen.

If you click on an event and switch to SD card it will usually play as long as you don’t touch it. But if you start scrubbing around it breaks down and gets out of sync. Sometimes eventually recovers other times I have to back fully out of the app. Sometimes it will play but then skip sections like it’s buffering and trying to catch up so skipping over frames

As I said, this is not something with the SD card or the cam because viewing on other devices seem to play fine.

Is the SIM card required for proper function of this app?

My timeline is still not synced with 4.42.0 with Samsung Galaxy A12 . So when you click on an event and hit play back it will play from the SD card but let’s say there’s two clips the play bar will be in between in the white space. You can’t move around on a clip because it doesn’t know where it is because it’s not lined up. Customer support was no help saying that they’ve heard of an issue and if they can do something about it it will be in a app update. So the app updated and I guess they’re not working on this issue.