Cam+ recording problems

Have 4 cams with unlimited cam+.
We can do live views on all, but only one is recording. Very frustrating.

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @chching711? :raising_hand_man:

There is most likely a solution depending on if you are referring to Event Recording (cloud uploads to the Events list) or SD Card Recording (Playback).


Confirm all cams are assigned to the Cam Plus Unlimited subscription in Account → Services.

Confirm “Record Motion Events” is toggled on in the Event Recording settings for each cam.

Power cycle each cam by unplugging it for 30s and plugging it back in.

SD Playback:

Confirm that “Record to SD Card” is enabled in each cam’s Advanced settings and that you have selected Continuous or Motion Events.

What do you mean by “only one is recording”?