Cam Plus...Works...For...Canadians!

The problem has nothing to do with being in Canada. It’s the design of the licence management screen.

If you have a trial licence and purchase a full Cam Plus licence, you have:

  1. An activated trial licence

  2. A pending full licence

If you try to activate the full licence you get the NO CAMERAS icon shown below. WTF?

If you go into the trial licence screen and hit EDIT, you see your camera with a checkmark and an ACTIVATE button at the bottom. Confusion reigns. If you’re like me, you uncheck the box and hit ACTIVATE, which just reactivates your trial licence. When you subsequently try to activate the full licence, there are no available cameras which can receive it. I presume this is all due to the fact that trial and full licences can “float”.

To make it work:

  1. Uncheck the trial licence box

  2. Resist the temptation to hit ACTIVATE, and instead just step away from that screen

  3. Go into the Cam Plus screen, check the box for your camera and hit ACTIVATE

That screen requires a redesign.

I assume the thread title is to be read as William Shatner, which is so very fitting.

Also, here it’s *license". :wink:

Glad you have this documented; I’m sure people will find it helpful.