Cam plus with cam pan v3 issues with a few items

having issues with

  1. cannot scroll through recorded via sd card at all just jumps and freezes. Have to restart cam to (HOPE) to see what happened.
  2. Audio doesn’t work on 2 of 8 cams. Lots of fuzz type white noise with people talking right next to them.
  3. Many internet lost internet errors on 1 gig fiber service with 2 extenders and 1 access point all on 2.4 ghz.
    4.Live view at night, someone walking by disappears like a ghost lol.
  4. notifications suck and now don’t work at all. basically with all the AI when it worked i wanted people motion, no a rain drop, dog tail, leaf falling, grass growing ext.

Any ideas that might help?

What’s the signal strength to these cameras? And what type of router/AP/extenders are you using? I ask this because even if your paying for a fast internet services, many times the issues are in your own network.

Extenders are notorious for doing more harm than good in many cases, as they complicate your network, usually don’t mesh at all with your normal WiFi, cause increased interference, and extra delay. Your router could also be overloaded routing all the data used by cameras recording and streaming events.

You may see performance improvements with your cams and other devices if you invest in a mesh system. Even if you just have 2 nodes and potentially even slightly worse signal strength to the cams, and more robust hardware and smarter routing will help a lot.

Most cameras are 2 bars wifi 5 cameras
4 are 3 bars strength here is the network. Main router fiber. Amazing speed wired to next and the. The 2 repeaters 1 far side of the house 1 upstairs. If there is a way to actually test. Speed I am all ears on

I previously used an Archer A6 with a Mesh Extender. Previously is the key word.

The Archer A7 is a powerful router. And, the AX11000 is a Zumwalt Class Destroyer! But they are beasts because if their capabilities for streaming and gaming on the Autobahn bands in the higher range. How much resources is it dedicating to the back roads of the slow iOT 2.4Ghz band?

To test your speeds on each AP, connect your phone to each node seperately and do a speed test thru the internet. You can also look to see if the routers will show you the RSSI of each connected device in the Teather app or thru the HTML UI.

Lastly, check out this app. I recently downloaded it on the recommendation of another user and was amazed how much network diagnostic information it could give me on the strength of my network:

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