Cam Plus Trial different AI to Full Version?!?

So this is a very weird coincidence but;

I had a Cam Plus trial on my new V3 and have been testing it thoroughly. I was so impressed with the person and vehicle detection, even in low light, that I decided yesterday to buy a years subscription. I moved the trial to another older v2 camera and added the new full subscription to the V3.

Since then i’ve had ZERO AI Motion detections on the V3. It has failed to detect 2 vehicles, both of which the Cam Plus trial identified perfectly. (I have a daily routine where I go take my kids to school, same car, same way of going up and down driveway). Coincidence, or is the Trial AI different to the full version !?!??

Well i decided to walk outside and see if my V3 detected a person… got a push notification for Complete Motion, instead of Person detection. Opened the app and looked at events and in there it says Person detected !!!

Why didn’t I get a Person Detected Push Notification instead of Complete Motion ?!?

I’m now so confused as to how Cam Plus works. Can someone explain ?

The trial and subscription Cam Plus AI is the exact Same AI.

Are you not getting any Cam Plus tagged motion events?

Make sure you have “wyze AI” notifications tuned on bu going to the camera’s settings, then notifications.

I have both “WYZE AI Events” and “All Other Events” enabled. for Notifications. When I walked in front of the camera I got a Complete Motion notification, but when I looked at the events the video is tagged as “Person”.

This all worked correctly when I used the Trial Cam Plus… I correctly received Person Notifications instead and Complete Motion events when no person or vehicle was detected. Why won’t it now work with my full subscription ?

OK… so it appears what i’m experiencing is that Events are being tagged with AI e.g Vehicle or Person, but i’m not get a push that says that, it says Complete Motion instead. However when I look in the Events page the videos are correctly tagged.

Did you make sure you have “Wyze AI” notifications turned on? Can you screenshot your camera’s notification settings?