Cam Plus trial, but doesn't work!

Thanks. After doing as suggested, Person Detection is working on the new V3.

I have to mention, the night time view is a big improvement on the V3s.

I’m having an issue with the Cam Plus trial too. I have 3 v3 Cameras on the 14 day trial. None of them are recording events for longer than 12 seconds. I was hoping I could toggle the trial off then back on to maybe fix it. In the app (Android), I tried going into Account/Services/Cam Plus/Edit but even if I toggle Cam Plus off and hit Activate, it won’t turn off the trial. When I go back in, all 3 are still checked. Any ideas?

Three days after my V3 trial ended without the Person detection EVER working, and my trying every solution offered here and by the Wyze team, IT SUDDENLY STARTED WORKING - spontaneously! Out of the blue, the camera appeared in my “Devices”, Cam Plus showed the V3, and I got my first Person detection. It’s been working for a fourth whole day, and maybe it’s premature, but I pulled the trigger and bought the year - if only to get this out of my hair. I’m optimistic, and just for the enhanced light sensitivity, I’ll buy another V3 as soon as they’re in stock. As usual, the Wyze team is as good as it gets for diplomacy. Now, if only my V2s detected with consistency.

The person detection with the trial for my V3 camera worked just fine. So when it ended I got the 3 month Cam Plus deal for $0.99 and person detection isn’t working at all. All it seems to detect is motion.

This is just another example of how Wyze is failing. Stop making new products and focus on fixing your software and customer support.

I am having the same exact issue. Have you found a fix?

Sorry I’m new to this.
I am having the same issue, has anyone found a solution?

Contact Support and establish a ticket number. Stay on it. Good luck.

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December 28 |

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I am having the same exact issue. Have you found a fix?

One of my v3’s has stopped showing any events, motion or person, in the Events tab. I can view playback from the sdcard, it is detecting and recording motion, but not listing it in the Events tab.

The other v3, and the two v2s connected, are showing all events fine.

I tried the link I posted above but now it is not working.

EDIT: Both v3s are running firmware

To finally get it working correctly I had to power down the camera and restart it.