Cam Plus subscription end dates

I have 3 Cam Plus subscriptions, two which that were ordered some time after the initial subscription for one camera. But the end dates all end on Dec 31st. Huh?
It would be nice that when ordering additional Cam Plus subscriptions we be given the option to have em end all on the same date, so we don’t have to remember or be bothered with multiple transactions, and the price be pro-rated accordingly.

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This is a good idea. Probably better to be a wishlist topic to be voted on. Maybe one of the mods will update it.

I know a lot of people would probably love to pick their renewal date too. For example, many people would probably like to avoid having their renewal date in Nov/Dec when they need most of their disposable income for Christmas gifts, etc. Allowing people to pick a “billing date” of sorts that is most convenient for them could be a good promotion for Wyze to try out sometime and see how well it works out.