Cam Plus subscription disable auto-renew ( Billing Option)

I did & found nothing. Sorry, might be a pet peeve but I HATE auto-renew of subscriptions. How about you give ME the choice, when I sign up, to take auto-renew or not. I would much prefer no auto-renew but a reminder near the end of a subscription to give me the option to renew or not or perhaps alter my method of payment (aka a different credit card).

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I would use this for some of my Cam Plus subscriptions. I just ordered 5 of them with the Black Friday special, but after the 1 year expires, I will probably only keep 2 of them, 4 at the most…unless of course Wyze offers an unlimited Cameras option like Google/Ring do.

What I am doing for now, is I set a calendar reminder for a week or two before the renewal date, telling myself to look at canceling 1-3 of those subscriptions before they renew. That’s not too big of a pain to do, but it would be nicer to have this option.

Sometime you get a credit for a month of Cam Plus, but you don’t want it to auto-renew. In my case, I intended to subscribe to the annual subscription when the free month was up. But there does not seem to be an option to NOT auto-renew, nor is there an option to cancel the current term when the term ends. Some services I subscribe to allow you to cancel and the current term remains in effect until the end of the term. I can see the benefits for both (a) immediate cancellation with prorated refund, and (b) cancel at the end of term with no prorated refund. It would be nice to have both options to select from.

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I went ahead and updated that, thank you

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I just got ripped off by Wyze by the monthly reoccurring billing. I already added the camera to annual subscription and got a notice from my credit card of the BS. Wyze, you better EMAIL me BEFORE billing me EVERY MONTH. Otherwise you are a corrupt business! I want that month refunded! The policy states you must take it, and like it! I got ZERO BENEFIT from that excessive charge. The order options are intended to steal from customers. FIRE the MARKETING people! It won’t be long before Wyze has a well deserved CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT! (I have loved Wyze until this billing fiasco).


I agree 100 percent and DEMAND email notifications PRIOR to the auto-renewal of a subscription.
I just realized today that 2 of my 9 camera’s triggered monthly billing for 3 months. It is difficult to manage subscriptions that have a free month. I now have all 9 cameras on annual billing. Sneaky auto-billing may generate cash flow in the short term for Wyze but it is a dirty way to do business (If not criminal) and may run off otherwise loyal customers.


Go to
sign in
click edit next to the subscription
I believe you can cancel auto-renewal from there.

I have only done this for my “Cam Plus Black Friday promo” subscriptions, but it let me cancel auto-renewal for them from there. Or ask support to cancel the auto-renewal. Then if you decide you want them again later, you just add them again.

Alternatively, Wyze does give prorated credits for most of their cancellations and return policy stuff, so if it does autorenew, you can usually get it refunded within 30 days or partially refunded for the remainder after that.

Regardless, I do agree that even if someone does want an autorenewal, there should be a reminder notification like a week or so in advance. For one thing, the majority of people are living paycheck to paycheck without any budgeting so a forgotten charge like this can really do damage to a lot of people, so a courtesy reminder is a good professional standard if not for that reason alone. Plus it falls under Wyze’s core standard of “being friends with customers.” Hopefully they’ll implement this as a courtesy standard at least.

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