Cam plus smart detection recording

Hi all I recently picked up a Wyze Doorbell cam and after a bit of a rough start with it I was starting to like
It until this recent issue.

Up until Sunday evening I was getting CamPlus recordings that would note what was seen (vehicle, person, package, etc.)

But I was getting far too many notifications for every little movement I adjusted my settings and seemed to find a happy medium.

But after yesterday mornings WyZe outage, recordings are no longer tagged with what triggered the recording. Everything is just a gray “motion” tag.

Has anyone else had such an issue.

Thanks in advance.

PS. I tried posting this in the services & integrations forum but could not select any tags. So apologies if this is the wrong spot.

First thing to check is in the App - Accounts - Services, is the Doorbell still assigned to Cam Plus. Also, check in the App that the Detection settings are correct. Next I would try to restart the Doorbell. Good luck.

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Thanks Steven,

I gave those suggestions a shot and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. but I woke up this morning to it seemingly back to working properly so I’m not sure which one worked it’s magic. But thanks for the help

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