Cam Plus signup page does not work

I can click on the signup link on the Cam Plus promo email, The web page comes up with three tabs: account / catalog / redeem. On the account tab I click add a subscription. The catalog tab comes up with “bundle includes” in a box but no options other than x Close. I select redeem tab. I enter the EBIRD code and select “apply”. Another page comes up with coupon summary. Another box has “subscribe to Cam Plus annual plan” and 'next’t button. when I click “next” nothing happens. I’ve tried on multiple web browsers. I’ve made sure that the page is white listed on pop up blocker. I’ve made sure that I’m logged in to my account. I’ve tried opening a support ticket. No response. I’ve tried chat on the Facebook page. No response. I got another email last night saying that the promo ends tonight at midnight, yet I still cannot sign up.

Call Wyze! They’ll give you a fast response.

I haven’t (and I don’t plan to) used Cam Plus. If anyone else sees this, did you have issues with the email promotion code?

I’m new to Wyze and cams in general but I can’t seem to get to the support area on Wyze to see my recordings? My android app shows my cam is registered and update with cam plus, but still nothing? I did however do the email promotion last minute and it seemed to work as it states. i have my cam registered and renewal is in a year. One note I don’t have SD cards in the cams yet as I was told that shouldn’t be an issue using cam plus. just have to figure how to use it…

i have the same problem, I sent an email to support about the issue and got a reply that said that since I was part of the original signups when the service was going to be free that I would get the first year at no charge. The only problem is that the service quit working after the trial period and I still cannot signup for the service???