Cam Plus Pro

I purchased a 7 day free trial for Cam Plus Pro and it still telling me That I need pro in plan in order to access some function which i have a license for… It says monthly plan for the pro I have cleared the cache and sign out and still on the Plus on my camera settings not pro I cancelled the the 7 day trial and sill shows me the pro is active still till September 12-2022

Welcome to the community @mbrose . I am a Community Volunteer to provide support when I can.

Sorry to hear you are having an issue with Cam Plus Pro, quick question on your setup?

Make sure you have a camera assigned to Cam Plus Pro by going to Account > Services and tap on the Menu, at the top, “Cam Plus Pro”

Since you purchased CP Pro, you can associate a camera to the service.

This would be the first thing I would check.


Yes in my account and service tab that my Front camera is cam plus pro,but in my camera settings it still shows has camera plus service…do I need it to be plus also ? since I’m already subscribed to plus service ?


Did you purchase a subscription, or activate a trial?