Cam Plus not working anymore

I have had 2 cam plus license since 2020. I just recently was looking in the settings and smart detection is turned off and will not let me turn it on saying I need to buy cam plus.

Are the cams allocated unexpired licenses in Account tab > Services > Cam Plus?

I got it fixed! The problem was I was opening the App using the widget. There it would keep giving me the error. When I opened the actual app it allowed me to toggle on smart detection. I have completely removed the widget now.

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If the widget is broken and not allowing full functionality to that cam, that needs to be reported as an app bug so that Wyze can fix it.

There should be a new Fix-it Friday thread started by Wyze this coming Friday. You can post it there to let Wyze know if the problem.

EDIT: What version of the app?

I just used the device list and single device widget in Android (162) to access CP cams. The Smart Detection settings are accessible. Perhaps an iOS limited issue?

I think the version is WYZE 2.33.0(17) IOS 15.5.
I am about to update to IOS 15.6 and I will report back if it is still an issue.
Thank you for the info on the Fix-it-Friday thread.

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