Cam Plus Lite subscription doesn’t show up in app

Been through the ringer on this. I have twice (at supports recommendation) created new emails, subscribed to Cam Plus and Cam Plus Lite. Both times the scripts show on my computer, but the Lite script refuses to show up on my iphone or iPad in the app. Anyone else experience this? Any known solution? If I didn’t like my three cams I’d be tempted to shuck it all as this has been going on with no resolution for four months.

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Sorry to hear of your issue. I may be missing a piece of terminology, what “scripts” are you referring to?

Are you saying you can see the associated service on the account from the Wyze Services Web Page on your account but you cannot see the Service on your Wyze app?

And when you go into Account>Cam Plus>Cam Plus Lite, you don’t see your License or Available Cams to add?

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Took me a minute. He or she must mean "sub script ions*. I have never ever seen that usage. :slight_smile: