Cam Plus Lite Notifications

I am confused about something regarding Cam Plus Lite

I have an older Cam Pan v1 that I have been using without any Cam Plus subscription. I have been getting Android notifications (on all my Android devices), with the static images for motion events from the cloud. So when I get one of those, I would just go to the SD card to watch the footage. So far so good.

The the other day I decided to start a Cam Plus Lite subscription for this camera. Motion events are being recorded to the cloud, but I am not getting notifications on my Android devices (unlike for all my other 8 cameras that either have Cam Plus, or no subscription and just the static images).

So my issue is no notifications on Android for this Camera on Cam Plus lite on any of my Android devices.

Just to avoid the usual, app and firmware is up to date. Notification settings for said camera in the app have been double checked and are correct.

Any thoughts?