Cam Plus Lite email

Got this email below. Now while its appreciated I see no point in WHY CamPlus Lite would be a benefit to me as a 2 camera, 2 CamPlus paid user.

However, my parents have 2 cameras and only 1 has paid CamPlus. I see nowhere on my app how to even enable this to show my parents. Someone please explain, because the below is not true.

Hey Cam Plus Users!

We know we’ve said this before, but Wyze would literally not be around anymore if it wasn’t for you. You’re the lifeline of our company and we are so grateful for your support.

You’ve already got unlimited recording and the full AI package on your Cam Plus enabled cameras. The full AI package includes Person Detection, Pet Detection, Vehicle Detection, and Package Detection.

In addition to that, for all Cam Plus members we are automatically enabling “Cam Plus Lite” on any other Wyze Cams you might have on your account, which will add Person Detection to 12-second Event videos at no additional cost. We’ll get you set up over next couple of days, and then all you need to do is toggle on Person Detection in Services within the Account tab.

Thank you for your contributions to Wyze!

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Your parents’ account will be set up automatically. If they/you can’t wait, you can do it manually. Log into the Wyze Services website from a web browser with your parents’ email address, click My Account (from avatar icon upper right), Click “add a subscription” at the bottom of page, add Cam Plus Lite, enter “0” for contribution amount. Then from the Wyze app Home > Account > Services Cam Plus Lite > toggle on the non-Cam Plus cam listed.

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